December 15, 2015

Cooking A Waikiki Bracelet

The following is another step-by-step insight into what my brain does when creating a signature piece. I never end where I intend - the story of my life!

1. Gradient from small to large to small,
a little purple/orange alternating...

... is too messy and predictable.
No me gusta. Scrap that.

2. How about alternating color and size?

3. Ugh! That hot pink jade bead isn't letting me think!
Maybe I should try more organized color grouping.

What is it my pre-teen utters constantly lately?
Oh yeah... "Forget it! Just... forget it!"

4. Order in the court!!!

You may be beaded.

5. Starting the assembly line:
pre-wrapping the beads.

6. Presto!

7. Change-o...!

8. Do-si-do your partner once more, dudes.

9. Oops. One too many beads!

10. Willya lookit? 8.5" of perfection!

That's what she said.

Et voilĂ !
(click on the image for the Etsy store link)

November 13, 2015

Drive Safely!

I've been known to drive enthusiastically and park vigorously. To my credit, I'm Puerto Rican and we are not a subtle folk. People say my tires screech often, but I know nothing about that. My car is a hermetically sealed orange bubble of OONST OONST OONST OONST. They say I can be heard coming over a block away, but I have my doubts since the red carpet is never rolled out in time. 

Below is a handy guide for those who are up for an adventure / out of all other options.

All aboard!

November 12, 2015

A Jade Necklace is Born!

I create with synesthesia - to me, colors sing and music is psychedelic. How I manage to drive safely through manicured landscaping with techno blaring is anyone's wonder! My inspiration comes from the vibrant color harmonies all around us in nature. Which, synesthetically, I find rather delicious.

Below is a picture documentary of the creative process behind one of my signature necklaces. Bon apetite!

STEP 1: Choosing a color palate
Find a flavorful combination, such as lush mossy greens with hints of auburn earth reminiscent of verdant waterfalls, and gather ingredients.

smooth jade rectangular focal
faceted brown/cream jasper briolette
smooth green jade chiclets
faceted smoky quartz rondelles
glowing light green quartz rounds
faceted olive green Czech glass beads
opaque iridescent green luster glass beads
clay toned luster glass beads
silver spacer beads
silver chain
silver wire
silver clasp

STEP 2: Wire wrapping beads
With a discerning eye and the right tools, combine beads in small yet tasty complementary arrangements. Experiment with hues and sparkle!

Silver spacer beads help to define the glass and gemstone beads. With round nose pliers, create open loops on each end for the chain.

STEP 3: Cutting chain
To accentuate color combinations, it's important to give the beads breathing room with delicate chain.

Looping the ends of a chain through a wire provides an accurate method of cutting pieces of the exact same length. It sure beats counting links!

STEP 4: Combine ingredients
Loop wire through chain and gently wrap a few loops around to secure beads to chain. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

Whether you start from the pendant and work towards the ends, or begin and the end and end in the middle, it is important to double check that the sides are symmetrical (unless asymmetry is your equally worthy goal).

STEP 5: Finish with a clasp
Use small beads to wire wrap the delicate chain to the lobster clasp and adjustable chain.

Because heads and hair come in all shapes and sizes, I recommend clasping necklaces under 26" in length.

STEP 6: Serve