December 15, 2015

Cooking A Waikiki Bracelet

The following is another step-by-step insight into what my brain does when creating a signature piece. I never end where I intend - the story of my life!

1. Gradient from small to large to small,
a little purple/orange alternating...

... is too messy and predictable.
No me gusta. Scrap that.

2. How about alternating color and size?

3. Ugh! That hot pink jade bead isn't letting me think!
Maybe I should try more organized color grouping.

What is it my pre-teen utters constantly lately?
Oh yeah... "Forget it! Just... forget it!"

4. Order in the court!!!

You may be beaded.

5. Starting the assembly line:
pre-wrapping the beads.

6. Presto!

7. Change-o...!

8. Do-si-do your partner once more, dudes.

9. Oops. One too many beads!

10. Willya lookit? 8.5" of perfection!

That's what she said.

Et voilĂ !
(click on the image for the Etsy store link)

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